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Jeanette Cameron


When Risen Editing offered to edit my novel I jumped at the chance! Jeanette’s professional demeanor in handling my life’s work appeased my fears of tackling such a huge project. Jeanette can take on a piece and make the proper edits without taking away from the original feel from the work. She has an uncanny way of understanding the style of the writer.

When I started out as a writer, I tried to make my edits as I wrote, which proved to be futile. It took forever to get any writing done! Risen Editing arranged to have my novel edits completed in a timely manner, which was thorough, efficient, and much more in-depth than this novelist could have ever accomplished. The best thing an author can do is give their life’s work to professional trained eyes before publishing. Risen Editing provides detailed services anyone can trust!

CW Hulin, Author of the series, Friends Forever.

Other published works: Encounters with God (This is the Day), and Grief is a Process


I was blessed to have Jeanette Cameron copyedit my manuscript for a juvenile fantasy novel. Jeanette had a great eye for detail, and thoroughly examined each sentence for clarity, punctuation, and style. At the same time, she looked at the manuscript as a whole for overused phrases and inconsistencies in descriptions. This ability to focus on details, yet keep the big picture in mind, is one of the most challenging tasks for a copyeditor, and one that Jeanette handled so well.

Jeanette created a comprehensive style sheet, including all the proper names of characters and places, to make sure each term was consistent throughout the manuscript. She also provided helpful comments explaining the reasons for suggested changes and noting any unclear elements in the story, without overstepping the bounds of copyediting. Jeanette completed the copyediting in a timely and professional manner, and communicated with me regularly throughout the process.

I highly recommend her copyediting services to anyone who needs to make sure his or her writing is in pristine condition for publication.

Christy Jones, author of Trinka and the Thousand Talismans

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